22 August 2016

Another VICTORIA Tiara Teaser

Thanks to the image above (which was tweeted by Dan McCulloch, producer of the upcoming ITV/PBS series Victoria), we've got yet another glimpse of a tiara used in the production.

Looks like this time we've got a version of the Girls of Great Britain and Ireland Tiara, albeit sort of cut in half. I know I don't need to tell dedicated readers why this made me smile a little, but quickly: Queen Victoria never owned this tiara. It was made as a wedding present for Queen Mary in 1893, and only two royal women -- Queen Mary and Queen Elizabeth II -- have ever worn it in public.

Queen Elizabeth II wears the real Girls of Great Britain and Ireland Tiara (Photo: Michael Ukas - Pool /Getty Images)

The GGBI is a gorgeous tiara, and I get why they'd want to use it for aesthetic reasons, but it makes me a little nervous that we won't see any period-appropriate jewels in this production at all...