06 July 2016

New Earrings for Kate at the Natural History Museum

Kate presents the Art Fund Museum of the Year Award (Photo: Matt Dunham - Pool/Getty Images)

The Duchess of Cambridge was at the National History Museum in London this evening to present the Art Fund Museum of the Year 2016. The winner was my favorite London museum, the Victoria and Albert! And we were winners too, because Kate wore a brand-new pair of earrings.

Photo: Matt Dunham - Pool/Getty Images

On first glance, it was tough to spot any earrings at all. Kate's bouncy hair camouflaged the earrings on her arrival at the museum...

Photo: Matt Dunham - Pool/Getty Images

...but during the ceremony, the new pair began to peek through. As she left the museum, we got a much better look.

Photo: Matt Dunham - Pool/Getty Images

No ID on these yet -- I'll update the post when we have one -- but they're statement earrings that feature a dark, reddish gemstone in the stud and a large, pearly gemstone drop. Both the stud and the drop also appear to be bordered in small gemstones.

UPDATE: Kate rewore the earrings at Wimbledon on Thursday, and it looks like we have an ID! Head over here for more, including better close-up images.