18 June 2016

Royal Ascot Jewels 2016: Day 5

Royal Ascot 2016, Day 5 (Photo: Harry Trump/Getty Images)

We're in the homestretch, everybody! Day 5 is usually a lightly-attended day at Royal Ascot for the royal family, but we still have a few sparkles to enjoy.

Photo: Harry Trump/Getty Images

The Queen wore one of my favorites of her brooches: the Jardine Star Brooch. (Her hat, however -- well, it looks like it's made to filter out allergens.)

Photo: Julian Herbert/Getty Images

Also in the carriage procession: the Duchess of Cornwall. Camilla wore her diamond and pearl earrings, her multi-stranded pearl necklace with the larger diamond clasp, and one of the diamond brooches from her insect-themed jewelry collection.

Photo: Harry Trump/Getty Images

We also got one more bonus princess! The Queen was one of the lucky winners on Day 5 -- Dartmouth, one of her horses, won one of the races -- and her granddaughter, Princess Beatrice of York, presented Her Maj with her prize. The presentation gave us a chance to see the delicate gold bracelets and charms that Bea wore on her right wrist.