12 April 2016

Royal Tour of India and Bhutan: Bihu Festival Celebration at Kaziranga

William and Kate's first engagement after their arrival in Assam was an evening visit to Kaziranga National Park, where they watched performances as a part of a Bihu Festival Celebration at Diphlu River Lodge.

Kate accessorized her Anna Sui dress with a pair of earrings that she's had since at least 2006. Anna, as usual, was swift with the identification.

Kate's definitely digging deep into her jewelry box for this tour, reaching for a few pieces that she acquired long before she was an HRH.

It's a smart move in PR terms -- economic disparity in India is such an important and visible issue that debuting tons of new, expensive jewelry could look insensitive -- but it also seems like Kate's getting a chance to wear jewels that are a bit of a departure from the polished royal "uniform" she's developed over the past five years.