14 April 2016

Maxima Continues to Sparkle in Bavaria

Willem-Alexander and Maxima visit Nuremberg (Photo: DANIEL KARMANN/AFP/Getty Images)

King Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima of the Netherlands continued their visit to Bavaria and Wednesday and Thursday, and there were jewels galore.

Maxima brought out the diamonds on Wednesday afternoon in Munich. She paired a diamond riviere with one of the bracelets made from the larger (now dismantled) East Indies diamond bracelet.

She also donned the family's diamond pendant earrings that can be worn with various interchangeable drops.

Photo: DANIEL KARMANN/AFP/Getty Images

On Thursday in Nuremberg, she wore the same pair of earrings, but she swapped out the drops for sapphires.

Photo: DANIEL KARMANN/AFP/Getty Images

Here's a closeup of the earring design -- see the alternating shapes?

Photo: DANIEL KARMANN/AFP/Getty Images

Unfortunately, though, some photos suggest that there was a jewelry mishap at one point -- the sapphire drop from her left earring appears to have gone MIA!

Photo: NICOLAS ARMER/AFP/Getty Images

Photographs from inside the city's famous Palace of Justice, however, show both drops intact, so we'll hope the left drop was quickly rescued. The coat-off photo also shows that Max wore the gorgeous diamond and sapphire wing brooch. The large diamond ring on her right hand was a gift from Willem-Alexander to celebrate the birth of Princess Ariane. As with yesterday, the small bow pinned to her dress is the ribbon of the Order