22 February 2016

On The Block: Imelda Marcos's Jewels

News outlets reported last week that a collection of jewelry that once belonged to former Filipino First Lady Imelda Marcos will soon be sold at auction.

The collection, which has been valued at more than $21 million, includes a Cartier tiara that resembles one owned by Queen Elisabeth of Belgium. The jewels were seized by the government in 1986 after Ferdinand Marcos was overthrown.

Ferdinand Marcos Jr., son of Ferdinand and Imelda, is running for vice president in an election that will be held in May.

The BBC reports that the government wants the sale to take place before the election because they fear he would cancel the auction if elected.

The collection includes this necklace, which appears to be set with large sapphires.

Appraisers evaluated the jewels in November at Manila's Central Bank.