06 January 2016

Jewels on Film: Trailer for Netflix's The Crown

A short trailer has been released for The Crown, this year's upcoming Netflix series about Queen Elizabeth II. There are lots of replica jewels on show -- here's a look at some of the glimpses we got, plus links to posts on some of the real jewels for comparison purposes...

Claire Foy as Queen Elizabeth II, trying on St. Edward's Crown before the 1953 coronation

Eileen Atkins as Queen Mary

Princess Elizabeth's wedding jewels, 1947, including Queen Mary's Fringe Tiara

Claire Foy in the Queen's classic pearls-and-brooch daytime combo

The production's versions of Queen Mary's Lover's Knot Tiara and Queen Victoria's Golden Jubilee Necklace

The show's versions of the Vladimir Tiara, the Gloucester Pendant Earrings, and Queen Alexandra's Wedding Gift Necklace

The production's version of the Coronation Earrings

What do you think of the jewel replicas used in the trailer? Regal or rejects?