26 November 2015

Jewel History: A Medium to the Rescue (1920)

"A Medium to the Rescue"
(originally appeared in the Times, 6 Nov 1920)

Paris -- The powers of a medium have, it is claimed, enabled a resident of Neuilly to recover a tiara valued at 800 pounds which had been stolen from her. When she missed the tiara, she announced the loss to her servants, and soon afterwards the housemaid came quietly to her and accused the nurse of being the thief. The nurse, however, declared that, on the contrary, it was the housemaid who had stolen the tiara.

Much perplexed, the mistress decided to consult a medium. The medium went into a clairvoyant state and said she could see the tiara wrapped in a newspaper at the foot of a table in the owner's bedroom, where it had been put by the frightened thief, who was, she declared, none other than the housemaid.

The tiara was found in the place indicated by the medium, and the housemaid then threw up the sponge and confessed her guilt.