14 October 2015

Queen Mathilde Debuts the Wolfers Tiara

For the first time, Queen Mathilde has worn a tiara that was a personal possession of Queen Fabiola of Belgium: the convertible necklace/tiara made by Wolfers.

Mathilde wore the small diamond tiara at a state banquet given by President Duda of Poland on Tuesday evening.

She paired Fabiola's tiara with a pair of pearl and diamond earrings that also came from Fabiola's collection. This isn't exciting just because it means Mathilde has another tiara in her own jewelry box; it's also thrilling to know that some of Fabiola's grandest jewels were indeed given to her niece-in-law. Will we perhaps see the Spanish Wedding Gift Tiara or Fabiola's excellent collection of aquamarines sometime in the future as well?

Mathilde wore one of her own tiaras, the Brabant Laurel Wreath, as a necklace with her ensemble.

Which other pieces of Fabiola's jewelry do you hope Mathilde also owns?