16 July 2015

Monaco Anniversary Jewels

The princely family of Monaco gathered this weekend to celebrate the tenth anniversary of Prince Albert II's ascension to the throne. Let's see what jewels the Grimaldi ladies brought to the party, shall we?

On Friday, the family attended a gala to raise money for charities engaged in the fight against AIDS. Princess Charlene didn't attend the gala, so Princess Caroline was the first lady for the evening. She wore a gorgeous pair of gray pearl earrings and a pair of cocktail rings.

I was especially excited to see Princess Stephanie wear a pair of earring -- I only wish we could see them a bit better! Same goes for the earrings worn by Tatiana Casiraghi, Princess Caroline's daughter-in-law.

Princess Stephanie's three children, Louis, Pauline, and Camille, were guests at the gala as well. I think Pauline's wearing jewelry, but I'm so confused by her dress that I can't really focus on anything else.

Camille, who continues to be my Great Grimaldi Hope in terms of jewelry-wearing, embraced the "bigger pearl on the back of the stud earring" trend that's sweeping the globe of late. It looks like this pair also features a double pearl at the front of the lobe.

On Saturday, Albert and Charlene led the family and the citizens of the principality in a public celebration. Charlene wore a classic pair of pearl stud earrings with her dress. It was an important day for Charlene -- she made her first public speech in French.

Appropriately for the day -- as Charlene declared in her speech that Albert is the "prince of my heart" -- she also made a rare appearance in her absolutely gigantic Repossi diamond engagement ring.

Princess Gabriella and Prince Jacques made a balcony appearance. They also received pieces of vintage Cartier jewelry -- more on those over here!

Princess Caroline accessorized with a pair of gold earrings and her adorably grumpy grandson, Sasha Casiraghi.

Sasha's mother, Tatiana, wore a brightly printed dress in lieu of jewelry.

Charlotte Casiraghi added a delicate bracelet and a necklace with an infinity charm to her bright dress.

But Beatrice Borromeo, who will marry Pierre Casiraghi in a little over a week, added a fun necklace with neutral-colored beads to her white ensemble.

Princess Stephanie and her daughters went with a fairly uniform jewel look: small earrings, plus a bracelet. (I think they actually all might have the same dark string bracelet -- look at Stephanie's left wrist and Camille and Pauline's right wrists.)

The celebrations were capped on Sunday with a concert performance by Robbie Williams.

Charlene wore another pair of pearl earrings for the concert, this time with a diamond stud.

And it was clear yet again that parenthood has been great for the Grimaldi marriage. Nice to see these two kids so happy!