30 July 2015

The Daily Jewel: July 30

The Daily Jewel: July 30

The Palmyre Bracelet by Van Cleef and Arpels ($153,000) is a geometric wonder, with five rows of round diamonds set in white gold

Jewel History: Montenegro's Royal Wedding (1899)

Duchess Jutta of Mecklenburg-Strelitz, Crown Princess of Montenegro (source)

"Montenegro's Royal Wedding"
(originally appeared in the New York Times, 28 July 1899)

Cettinje, July 27 -- The wedding of Crown Prince Danilo of Montenegro [1] and the Duchess of Jutta [2] was celebrated this afternoon by the Metropolitan of Cettinje in the presence of the bride's mother [3] and brother [4], the Prince and Princess of Montenegro [5], the Duchess of Mecklenburg-Strelitz [6], Duke Frederick [7], and others. The inhabitants displayed the greatest enthusiasm, and throughout the day royal salutes were fired.

The bride wore the Montenegrin national costume and was everywhere affectionately welcomed. After returning to Prince Danilo's [pictured above] palace, the pair appeared on the balcony and were greeted with acclamations by the populace. The town was tastefully decorated, and tonight most of the buildings were brilliantly illuminated and a torchlight procession marched through the streets.

29 July 2015

Vintage Royals: Paul, Friederike, and Sophia

King Paul I and Queen Friederike of the Hellenes and their daughter, Princess Sophia of Greece and Denmark (now Queen Sofia of Spain), appear in public in the 1940s; Friederike wears the grand emeralds that came from Russia to Greece with Queen Olga in the 19th century

Tiara Timeline: The Prussian Tiara

Tiara Timeline: The Prussian Tiara

1892: Kaiser Wilhelm II of Germany's wife, Augusta Victoria (known as "Dona"), gives birth to the couple's seventh and final child: Princess Victoria Louise of Prussia. The little girl is the couple's only daughter. Her parents are on the throne of Germany, and her great-grandmother and namesake -- Queen Victoria -- rules the competing British Empire.

Victoria Louise of Prussia (source)

1912: Victoria Louise, now twenty, is in Berlin when a visitor arrives at court: Prince Ernst August, the grandson of the last king of Hanover. The German imperial family -- who were the rulers of the kingdom of Prussia before unification -- has a fraught history with the Hanoverians; in 1866, they overthrew Hanover's king and took over the kingdom. Ernst August's visit is a sort of olive branch, thanking the imperial family for sending representatives to his brother's funeral. While in Berlin, he meets Victoria Louise, and the two begin a courtship.

28 July 2015

The Daily Jewel: July 28

The Daily Jewel: July 28

The intriguing Cascada Strand from Mikimoto (price on request) scatters more than 19 carats of diamonds and white South Sea cultured pearls across a white gold setting

Reader Mailbag: Camilla's Pearl Chokers

To celebrate the Duchess of Cornwall's birthday about a week ago, I tweeted a link to an article about the Greville Tiara, her most-worn sparkler. But one of my readers on Twitter offered this suggestion:

You've got it! Here's a look at the various pearl chokers that Camilla has worn. I'm organizing these by clasp here -- other than counting the strands of pearls, it's tough to tell whether some of the pieces are completely separate necklaces or if she's attached different clasps to the same necklace at various times.

The Gold, Aquamarine, and Diamond Clasp

One of the pieces that Camilla has worn the longest is this necklace, which features three rows of pearls clasped together by a large aquamarine bordered in diamonds and gold. She reportedly inherited the piece from her late mother, the Hon. Rosalind Shand. Above, Camilla wears the necklace at a service marking the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Trafalgar.

27 July 2015

Beatrice Borromeo in Valentino for Civil Wedding

Few images of the weekend wedding of Pierre Casiraghi (son of Princess Caroline of Monaco) and Beatrice Borromeo have been released, but Valentino offers the above snap of the bride and groom from their Instagram account. Beatrice wore a Valentino gown for the civil ceremony, which was held at the Palais Princier in Monaco

The Swedish Processional Jewels

As we wrap up our look into the jewelry collection of our Magpie of the Month, Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden, I've saved one of the best for last. One of my favorite pieces from the entire Bernadotte jewel cache is today's necklace, the Processional Jewels.

In Swedish, this necklace is called intågssmycket, or "processional jewelry." The piece's unusual name is linked to its original purpose: as a gift for a brand new Swedish crown princess, to celebrate her arrival in her new country.

26 July 2015

Princess Charlene at the Red Cross Ball

Most of the Grimaldis were absent from Saturday night's Red Cross Ball -- still celebrating at Pierre and Beatrice's wedding, no doubt -- but Prince Albert and Princess Charlene were in attendance.

Charlene wore a red Valentino jumpsuit for the gala, pairing it with a gold clutch and sparkling jewels.

Sundays with the Queen: The Modern Fringe Necklace

When the Queen and Angela Kelly sit down to plan her jewels for a state banquet, they're spoiled for choice when it comes to diamond necklaces. But although the Queen has numerous necklaces suitable for a grand state dinner, in recent years she's often reached for one in particular: her modern diamond fringe necklace.

To my knowledge, nothing has ever been released about the provenance of this necklace, but the Queen began wearing it about a decade ago. She debuted it in public about a year after her Golden Jubilee, which has always made me wonder if it was a present connected to that important anniversary. Above, she wears the necklace at a state dinner at Buckingham Palace for President and Mrs. Bush of the USA in 2003. She recycled both the necklace and the dress two years later for a visit from the Italian president, as you can see in the photo below.

25 July 2015

On The Tiarapedia: July 17-24

On The Tiarapedia: July 17-24

Friday, July 17: The Greville Tiara
Saturday, July 18: The Stuart Tiara
Sunday, July 19: The Noor-ol-Ain Tiara
Friday, July 24: The Fife Tiara

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A Century of Monegasque Princely Brides

Today, the principality of Monaco will celebrate the wedding of Pierre Casiraghi, the nephew of Prince Albert II, and his longtime girlfriend, Beatrice Borromeo. To help mark the occasion, here's a look at the last century of Grimaldi weddings. (And feel free to use this as a discussion post for today's wedding, too!)

Civil Ceremony: March 18, 1920 (Palais Princier de Monaco)
Religious Ceremony: March 19, 1920 (Cathédrale de Monaco)

24 July 2015

Princess Grace's Jewels on Display

The Monegasque princely family often loans Princess Grace's jewelry, plus other Grimaldi pieces, to various museum exhibitions. Here are some images published of the jewels on display...

1992: Galleira Museum Exhibition in Paris

The Top Ten: Grimaldi Jewels

When Pierre Casiraghi marries Beatrice Borromeo tomorrow, we probably won't see any significant jewels on the bride -- after all, Saturday's wedding will only be their civil ceremony, with a casual garden party at the palace to follow. Even so, the jewel vaults at the Prince's Palace include some wonderful pieces. Here's my list of the top ten best jewels from Monaco's princely collection.

10. The Bains de Mer Tiara

This diamond and ruby tiara was Princess Grace's wedding present from the Société des Bains de Mer. SBM is one of the most important financial groups in Monaco; they operate the casino and the opera in Monte Carlo, plus the Hotel de Paris. The tiara was made by Cartier. The rubies and diamonds echo the red and white colors of the Monegasque flag, lending the tiara a bit of patriotic flair. Above, Grace wears the tiara with her Cartier diamond necklace (#6 below) at a state banquet in France.

23 July 2015

The Daily Jewel: July 23

The Daily Jewel: July 23

From the Green Carpet Collection, these Chopard earrings (limited edition; price on request) are made of fairmined South American gold and set with responsibly-sourced diamonds

Gala Jewels: Beatrice Borromeo

The Grimaldi family in Monaco is about to grow, as Pierre Casiraghi, son of Princess Caroline, will marry his longtime girlfriend, Beatrice Borromeo, on Saturday. The gorgeous journalist is a member of one of Italy's historic aristocratic families, and she fits in perfectly with the glamorous Grimaldi clan. Today, we'll get to know her jewelry style a bit better with a look at some of her best gala jewel appearances.

Cannes Film Festival 2005

22 July 2015

Vintage Royals: Queen Astrid of Belgium

Queen Astrid of Belgium wears one of her wedding presents: the grand Nine Provinces Tiara

Belgian National Day 2015

This week, the Belgian royals gathered to celebrate the country's national day, which marks the anniversary of King Leopold I's reign.

The festivities began on Monday night, when King Philippe and Queen Mathilde attended a performance by the Belgian National Orchestra.

21 July 2015

The Daily Jewel: July 21

The Daily Jewel: July 21

This rock crystal and zinc bracelet (€98) by SNÖ of Sweden is a cool Scandinavian delight

Crown Princess Victoria's Nobel Prize Jewels

One of the most delightful things about the Swedish royal family (from a jewelry perspective, anyway) is that every December 10th, without fail, they pull on their grandest gowns, pop on their tiaras, and head out to the annual distribution of the Nobel Prizes. Here's a look at the jewels our Magpie of the Month, Crown Princess Victoria, has worn each time she's attended the ceremony!

1995: For her first Nobel ceremony, Victoria wore her new Eighteenth Birthday Tiara, set with sapphires and diamonds, as well as a two-stranded pearl necklace, pearl and diamond earrings, and an oval-shaped diamond brooch

20 July 2015

The Daily Jewel: July 20

The Daily Jewel: July 20

From the Cartier Royal collection, these platinum, tourmaline, diamond, and rock crystal earrings (price on request) certainly look fit to be worn by a princess

Jewel History: The Princely Wedding at Monte Carlo (1920)

"The Princely Wedding at Monte Carlo"
(originally appeared in the Times of London on 22 Mar 1920)

Monte Carlo, March 21 -- The religious ceremony of marriage between the Duchesse de Valentinois [1], adopted daughter of Prince Louis of Monaco [2], son of the reigning Prince [3], and Count Pierre de Polignac [4] took place yesterday. The bridal procession was headed by Prince Albert of Monaco, who was accompanied by representatives of the French President and the Kings of Italy, Spain, and the Belgians. The bride looked very charming in a simple frock of white moire satin, the train falling from her waist.

As trainbearers she had two cousins of the bridegroom, who before the ceremony had become naturalized as a Monegasque subject and had taken the title of Duc de Valentinois. Cardinal Luçon, Archbishop of Reims, delivered the address and pronounced the nuptial benediction. The newly married couple returned on foot to the palace, where they had come out on the balcony to acknowledge the cheers of the assembled crowd. The Duc and Duchesse left later for Florence on their honeymoon.

The civil marriage took place on Friday in the Throne Room, otherwise known as the Salle Grimaldi, which was exquisitely decorated. There was a large gathering of official and other personages. The bride wore a charming costume of dove grey, and over it an ample plain crepe de Chine mantle with a broad brown fur collar and brown fur border.

19 July 2015

Vintage Royals: The Queen in Sydney

February 1954: During her post-coronation Commonwealth Tour, the Queen wears white lace at a garden party in Sydney, Australia

Sundays with the Queen: Queen Mary's Richmond Brooch

One of the largest brooches in the Queen's jewelry box is yet another legacy from her grandmother, Queen Mary: the Richmond Brooch.

The brooch, made by Hunt and Roskell, was given to Mary as a wedding present in 1893 by the people of Richmond. Mary's family, the Tecks, had lived at White Lodge in Richmond Park for more than two decades, so although Mary's father's family was German, she really was something of a local girl in the English town. The brooch they offered to Mary was made of diamonds set with two pearls: a large round center pearl, plus a detachable pear-shaped pearl drop.

18 July 2015

Vintage Royals: Princess Alexandra of Kent

18 July 1961: Princess Alexandra of Kent attends a piano recital in London

Saturday Sparkler: The Napoleonic Amethyst Tiara

The family that currently sits on the Swedish throne has genealogical ties to Swedish kings from centuries ago, but they’re more immediately descended from French nobility. Because of this, the family’s jewel coffers are full of trinkets with connections to the French imperial court of Napoleon Bonaparte. Today’s tiara, the sparkler from the family’s amethyst parure, is just such a piece.

The tiara actually didn’t start out as a tiara at all; in fact, it’s only been a tiara for a few decades. Instead, the piece was original a necklace made of diamonds surrounding fifteen large amethysts. The demi-parure also included drop earrings, two bracelets, and a devant de corsage. The dark purple amethysts are set in gold, while the diamonds are set in silver. You can see the individual pieces of the parure here (although in the form they exist in today, with the necklace on a tiara frame, not as they originally were).

17 July 2015

On The Tiarapedia: July 10-16

This Week on the Tiarapedia...

Saturday, July 11: Queen Rania's Diamond Tiara
Sunday, July 12: The Khedive of Egypt Tiara
Tuesday, July 14: The Baden Fringe Tiara
Wednesday, July 15: The Turquoise Circlet
Thursday, July 16: Princess Kako's Tiara

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This Week in Royal Jewels: July 10-16

July 10-16, 2015

From a Grimaldi jubilee to a pair of British brooches, here are my top jewel picks of the week! Be sure to vote for your favorite in the poll below.

10. Camille Gottlieb, daughter of Princess Stephanie of Monaco (and therefore also a granddaughter of Princess Grace), wore a pair of trendy pearl earrings with a double stud at the Fight AIDS charity gala on Friday. For more jewels from this event, as well as the weekend celebrations of Prince Albert's jubilee, head over here!

16 July 2015

The Daily Jewel: July 16

The Daily Jewel: July 16

I'm beyond intrigued by Ayako Harada's Cotton Pearl Ring (£40), on sale at one of my favorite places in the world: the gift shop at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London

Monaco Anniversary Jewels

The princely family of Monaco gathered this weekend to celebrate the tenth anniversary of Prince Albert II's ascension to the throne. Let's see what jewels the Grimaldi ladies brought to the party, shall we?

On Friday, the family attended a gala to raise money for charities engaged in the fight against AIDS. Princess Charlene didn't attend the gala, so Princess Caroline was the first lady for the evening. She wore a gorgeous pair of gray pearl earrings and a pair of cocktail rings.

I was especially excited to see Princess Stephanie wear a pair of earring -- I only wish we could see them a bit better! Same goes for the earrings worn by Tatiana Casiraghi, Princess Caroline's daughter-in-law.

15 July 2015

The Daily Jewel: July 15

The Daily Jewel: July 15

Monica Vinader's Vega Drop Earrings ($200) are out of this world in rose gold, sterling silver, and labradorite

Victoriadagen Jewels

Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden celebrated her birthday yesterday with a traditional gathering on the island of Öland. The day was full of fun, frivolity -- and also some jewelry.

Victoria wore a large pair of hoop earrings on her birthday.

14 July 2015

Vintage Cartier Jewels in Monaco

As a part of the celebration of Prince Albert II of Monaco's decade on the throne, Cartier presented two vintage pieces of jewelry, each dating from the 1920s, to the principality's royal children.

Prince Jacques received a Cartier Tank watch...

Crown Princess Victoria's Wedding Guest Jewels

Happy birthday to Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden, who turns 38 today! The Swedish royals will be gathering in her honor for the annual Victoriadagen celebrations -- check back here tomorrow for a look at the jewels on display. You can also have a look at our 2014 birthday tribute to Victoria over here. Today, though, we're having a look at a specific subset of her jewels: the pieces she's worn as a royal wedding guest. As she's attended nearly every major royal wedding since the late 1990s, there are some great pieces (and clothes/hats!) to look at!

November 1995: Victoria wears her 18th birthday tiara with pearls and the Order of the Elephant at the pre-wedding gala for Prince Joachim of Denmark

13 July 2015

The Daily Jewel: July 13

The Daily Jewel: July 13

The stunning Limelight Sequin Motif Earrings by Piaget ($11,800) feature a shower of onyx and diamonds set in white gold

Jewel Detective: Royal Opera Night (1953)

Indulge your inner magpies with this short film clip, which shows royals attending the premiere of the opera Gloriana at Covent Garden ahead of Queen Elizabeth II's coronation in 1953. There are tons of royals in tiaras and jewels shown -- see if you can identify some of the pieces on display. (And pay attention at the 9 second mark -- see if you see what I think I see!)

12 July 2015

Princess Charlotte's Official Christening Photos

The official photographs from Princess Charlotte's christening were released this week. The images were captured by Mario Testino, the photographer who also took the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's engagement photos. He was also, of course, a favorite photographer of the late Diana, Princess of Wales. You can read our rundown of the jewels from this event over here!

Princess Charlotte of Cambridge with her mother, the Duchess of Cambridge

Battle of Britain Anniversary Commemoration

The British royals were out and about on Friday at a service to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the Battle of Britain.

The Queen chose one of her favorite brooches (and mine) for the occasion: the Jardine Star Brooch. Read all about this sparkly bit of bling over here!