21 June 2015

Zara Phillips Launches New Jewelry Collaboration

At Royal Ascot on Friday, Zara Phillips was photographed wearing a glittering pair of round earrings. It turns out that the earrings are something special: a part of Zara's new line of jewelry.

The Zara Phillips Collection is a collaboration with John Calleija, an Australian jewelry designer. The pair officially launched the new collection on Thursday in London.

The collection includes two lines of jewelry: the Saddle Suite and the Coronet Suite. Zara's earrings and ring at Friday's Ascot races were both appropriately from the Saddle Suite.

The bangle bracelet that Zara wore at the collection's launch was also from the Saddle Suite. She's wearing the same ring from the Saddle Suite here as well.

You can view the catalogue of Zara's pieces for Calleija here. A film about the collection is also available at Calleija's website. What do you think of her newest business venture?