02 June 2015

Sofia Hellqvist: A Year in Jewels

Photo: Erika Gerdemark/kungahuset.se

Sofia Hellqvist will become the newest member of the Swedish royal family in less than two weeks, taking on the title of HRH Princess Sofia following her wedding to Prince Carl Philip. The couple's engagement was announced a year ago this month. Let's look at the jewels Sofia wore at official events during her engagement year, shall we?

June 27: The Engagement Announcement

Sofia's jewelry was limited to a delicate necklace as her engagement to King Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Silvia's son was announced. Of course, she was also sporting a glittering diamond engagement ring. Diamond engagement rings are something of a new tradition in the Swedish royal family: see my post on Bernadotte engagement rings for more.

July 14: Crown Princess Victoria's Birthday

Although rain interrupted the annual celebrations of Victoria Day, Sofia appeared wearing small earrings, her engagement ring, and a bracelet from Project Playground, the charity she worked for until her engagement was announced. (See more jewels from Victoria's birthday celebrations here!)

September 30: State Opening of Parliament

Sofia wore her engagement ring and a set of bracelets for her first appearance at the annual opening session of the Riksdag, Sweden's parliament. (See all of the jewels worn at this year's Riksdag opening over here.)

December 10: Nobel Prize Ceremony

For her first appearance at the annual Nobel Prize Ceremony, Sofia wore some of her most glittering jewelry of the year, including sparkling pink stud earrings.

She also added a surprise bit of bling, nestling a brooch with a luminous pink cabochon stone in her hair. (Here's a rundown of the rest of the jewels worn at the ceremony, including tiaras on Silvia, Victoria, and Madeleine.)

April 30: King Carl XVI Gustaf's Birthday

Sofia chose small hoop earrings for the celebration of her future father-in-law's birthday.

May 17: Reading of the Wedding Banns

Sofia's bracelets, including the distinctive green Project Playground piece, were the most visible pieces of jewelry at a reception following the reading of her marriage banns. (See more on the jewels worn for the reading of the banns over here.)

Photo: kungahuset.se

May 31: State Visit from the President of India, Welcome Ceremony

Sofia selected small hoop earrings (I believe the same pair she wore on the king's birthday) and a slim diamond bracelet to welcome the Indian president to Stockholm.

June 1: State Banquet for the President of India

Sofia wore long pendant earrings with green stones for the state banquet -- she's clearly waiting for her wedding day to make her tiara debut. (That's Queen Sofia's Tiara on Queen Silvia, and the Napoleonic Cut-Steel Tiara on Crown Princess Victoria.) Update: Sofia's earrings are emeralds, made by Ebba Brahe Jewellery, a Swedish company.

My assessment? Sofia's been smart to keep her jewelry subdued during her engagement year, letting the massive diamond ring do most of the talking. She's only attended two major evening events with the Swedish royals, and that's where the Bernadotte ladies really bring out the major jewels. I'm looking forward to seeing what jewels she'll wear once she's officially a princess!