Royal Ascot 2015: Day 4

Day Four of Royal Ascot is generally when the royal attendance begins to seriously slow -- but boy, do we have an especially exciting cast of characters to examine today!

The Queen wore an interesting brooch on her yellow coat: the Botswana Sorghum Brooch, which she wore in public for the first time last year during her state visit to France.

Zara Phillips wore small circular earrings with her outfit. But that was it for the Windsors in the carriage parade. Even though the York princesses attended, they didn't ride with their grandmother. But it turns out that was for a very good reason...


The Yorks made a family day of it at Ascot on Friday. Prince Andrew attended with Sarah, their two daughters, and each daughter's respective boyfriend. Sarah's attendance at the Royal Enclosure felt like a Very Big Deal to me, so I double checked -- and here's when I'm pretty sure she last attended:

Yes, that's 1991: a full twenty-four years ago! (I love Princess Margaret's hat SO MUCH).

Anyway, at Friday's race meeting, Sarah wore a necklace with a circular pendant, small hoop earrings, and a glittering bracelet on her right wrist.

Sarah's daughters, however, continued their trend of not wearing jewelry. Princess Eugenie wore a smattering of small bracelets and rings.

The same was true for Princess Beatrice.

I do have to wonder, though: given Sarah's surprise Ascot appearance, and the inclusion of both York boyfriends in the family outing, would anyone be surprised if we see a new piece of jewelry (perhaps of the diamond variety?) on Beatrice's finger in the very near future? I hope so. Royal jewels and hats are so much more fun with the Fergie factor!

Stop in later this afternoon for a post on a couple of sparkling tiaras!