16 June 2015

Garter Day 2015

On Monday morning, the British royals gathered for the annual Order of the Garter service, where we saw some regular bling on some of the Windsor women and immense, chivalric glitter on everybody else. Here's a bit of background on the order and its insignia. Now, let's get to the pictures!

The Queen wore Queen Victoria's Pearl Drop Earrings with her Garter finery. The earrings feature large pearl drops suspended from diamond studs. They were a gift to Victoria from Prince Albert.

Love this pic of Her Maj having a really great time during the festivities!

Here's the Queen with Prince Philip (who turned 94 last week) in their Garter robes.

And here's Prince Charles in his Garter robes, too.

The Duchess of Cornwall went with her usual diamond and pearl earrings, plus a three-stranded pearl necklace, for the service.

Prince William wore his robes, too. (No Kate at the service this year.)

Prince Andrew was there as well...

...and so was Prince Edward.

Sophie wore her new pearl cluster earrings for the service with a black hat and the vibrant green dress she wore during her recent visit to Jersey and Guernsey. She also wore a delicate bracelet.

Princess Anne always looks particularly regal in her Garter robes. She paired them this year with pearl earrings.

Princess Anne's top-hatted husband, Sir Tim, rode in the procession beside the Duke of Gloucester.

The Duchess of Gloucester wore pearls and, as has been her custom in recent weeks, a pair of diamond clips. The clips are actually a part of the diamond bandeau that belongs to the Gloucester family; here's a better look.

Princess Alexandra, who rode in the procession beside her brother, the Duke of Kent, wore her diamond and pearl cluster earrings and her pearl choker with a geometric diamond clasp with her Garter robes.