11 May 2015

Jewels of the Princely Baptism in Monaco

Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella, the newest members of the Grimaldi family, were baptized yesterday morning in Monaco. Let's have a look at the jewels (and hats!) on display!

Princess Charlene of Monaco, holding Prince Jacques, looked happier than I have ever, ever seen her. Apparently motherhood suits her! She's wearing Dior -- as are Gabriella and Jacques.

Charlene also had a hat perched at the back of her head, plus a pair of delicate pearl earrings.

She also had the small ribbon of the Order of Saint-Charles pinned to her jacket.

Princess Caroline, the babies' aunt, wore blue -- including a whopper of a hat -- with earrings that look to combine both blue and pink.

Caroline also wore a small pendant necklace.

Princess Stephanie, another aunt, also wore blue, but with her usual lack of jewelry.

Three of the twins' cousins -- Princess Alexandra of Hanover, Pauline Ducruet, and Camille Gottlieb -- also attended the baptism. Alexandra went light on the jewelry, while Pauline chose earrings and a stack of bracelets. And once again, Camille proves to be one of the most glamorous women at the event, with her chic earrings and printed scarf.

Jacques's godmother, Diane de Polignac, chose simple pearl earrings for the baptism. Diane is a distant cousin of the family through Prince Rainier's father, Pierre de Polignac; her uncle, Louis, was Prince Albert's godfather. Diane is standing beside Jacques's godfather, Christopher LeVine, Jr. He's the grandson of Princess Grace's sister, Lizanne. His father, Christopher Sr., was the best man at Prince Albert and Princess Charlene's wedding.

Princess Gabriella's godparents are Charlene's brother, Gareth Wittstock, and Nerine Pienaar, who is the wife of a famous South African rugby player. She looked particularly elegant at the christening, with delicate jewels paired with a summery dress and hat.

There were a few other guests at the christening from non-reigning royal houses. Eleonora, the wife of Prince Serge of Yugoslavia, wore a floral headpiece with small earrings.

And it wouldn't be an event in Monaco without Carlo and Camilla of Bourbon-Two Sicilies, would it? Camilla wore major blue earrings with her major blue and white outfit, plus a bracelet.

That's it for the major participants at the baptism. Which pieces of jewelry were your favorites?