24 April 2015

Swedish Royal Wedding Updates

Prince Carl Philip and Sofia Hellqvist (Photo copyright Erika Gerdemark/kungahuset.se)

We're only about two months out from a glittering Scandinavian royal wedding, everyone! Here are the latest details that have been announced about the upcoming nuptials of Prince Carl Philip of Sweden and Sofia Hellqvist:

SVT will televise the wedding ceremony. This is great news for royal watchers around the world! SVT aired the weddings of both of Carl Philip's sisters, and they also streamed the ceremonies live online. The footage was not geoblocked, so people around the globe could enjoy the festivities. (To get a glimpse of what an SVT-televised royal wedding looks like, check out the footage from Victoria's wedding embedded above.) The court also announced that TT News Agency will be the official photographers of the wedding.

The officiants have been announced. The wedding will be performed in the Royal Chapel by the Chief Court Chaplain, the Right Reverend Lars-Göran Lönnermark, and Reverend Michael Bjerkhagen, Court Chaplain and Rector of the Royal Court Parish. They're the same clergy who officiated Princess Madeleine's wedding in 2013 and conducted Princess Lilian's funeral earlier the same year.

Prince Couple's monogram (Copyright kungahuset.se)

The couple's new monogram has been released. The monogram was designed by Carl Philip and Vladimir Sagerlund, and it's very curly, featuring the couple's entwined and mirrored initials surmounted by Carl Philip's ducal crown.

Queen Margrethe II of Denmark has been invited. The invitations have been sent out -- you can see what they look like here! A purported guest list was recently released by Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet, but they retracted it after the Royal Court declared that it was inaccurate. We won't know who most of the guests are until closer to the date, as individual royals confirm their attendance, but we already have one confirmed invited guest: Queen Margrethe, who also happens to be one of Carl Philip's godparents. (His other living godparents are Prince Leopold of Bavaria and his aunt, Princess Birgitta.)

Prince Carl Philip and Sofia Hellqvist (Photo copyright Erika Gerdemark/kungahuset.se)

No gifts, please! Carl Philip and Sofia are reportedly requesting that anyone wishing to send gifts should donate to the newly created Prince Couple's Foundation, which will work with causes related to children and education.

The banns have been scheduled. The couple's marriage banns will be read on May 17 at the Royal Chapel. A reception will be held afterward. The banns are the church's official announcement that the couple intends to marry; in the olden days, they were read ahead of time so that anyone who knew of any reason why the couple couldn't legally marry had time to register their objections. (Probably not going to be an issue here!)

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