13 April 2015

Royal Jewel Rewind: Queen Margrethe's 70th Birthday (Part One)

While we wait for major sparkle this week in Denmark, we're going to look back at the glittering celebrations the nation has held to mark Queen Margrethe's birthday over the past fifteen years. First up: Margrethe's 70th birthday party, held in 2010. Like most of the big birthday celebrations in Denmark, this one had three separate white-tie galas! Here's a look at the first one, held at Christiansborg Palace.

Queen Margrethe wore the family's married pearl parure at the first of three gala events, including the Pearl Poiré Tiara. The tiara and the pearl brooch both belonged to Princess Louise of the Netherlands, mother of Queen Lovisa of Sweden. Margrethe is also wearing the necklace and earrings given by the Khedive of Egypt to Lovisa's daughter, Queen Louise of Denmark.

Crown Princess Mary wore the all-diamond version of her wedding tiara to the first birthday gala, pairing it with a pearl necklace and pearl earrings.

Princess Marie wore Princess Dagmar's Floral Tiara. She's also wearing Queen Alexandrine's diamond and sapphire pendant -- the same piece she's been wearing recently as a brooch.

The Queen's sister, Princess Benedikte, wore the diamond floral tiara that she received from her parents as an eighteenth-birthday gift. She paired the tiara with a sapphire and diamond pendant that belonged to Princess Thyra of Denmark. I believe she's also wearing a bracelet-length version of the diamond necklace from Queen Alexandrine's collection.

Stay tuned later today for more glitter from Margrethe's 70th birthday!