05 April 2015

Easter Jewels at Windsor

The British royals gathered at Windsor this morning to attend Easter Sunday services at St. George's Chapel, and as per usual, we've got a little bit of modest jewelry on show.

The Queen wore a brooch that has been in her collection for more than half a century: the Sapphire Chrysanthemum Brooch. This piece was a gift for the then-Princess Elizabeth in 1946 after she launched the British Princess, an oil tanker. It's also the brooch from her famous honeymoon portrait with Prince Philip.

The Wales contingent is not usually present for Easter at Windsor -- Charles and Camilla are usually in Scotland, and the rest celebrate privately -- so the next most senior royal lady present was Princess Anne. She followed her mother's lead and went with a pearls-and-brooch combo.

The Countess of Wessex chose a tiny pair of stud earrings -- I'm guessing without looking at my notes here, but I believe these are Heavenly Necklaces? Please correct me below if I'm remembering wrong!

UPDATE: They're Monica Vinader!

Here's a link to the website; they retail for $165.

No jewelry yet for Lady Louise -- but she's got plenty of time to start playing around with bits and baubles from the royal vaults.

And, as per usual, no jewels at all for Princess Beatrice -- though we do have a feathery explosion, which is a repeat from Trooping the Colour a few years ago.

Autumn Phillips looked absolutely gorgeous today -- but little jewelry for her either...

... though I think I see a pair of earrings peeking out.

The Chattos were also present -- you can see Lady Sarah in the background of the top photo -- but unfortunately I haven't seen any clear photos of her and her jewelry yet.