The Top Ten: Royal Aquamarines

It's no surprise that royal ladies around the world have an affection for aquamarines, the clear and bright gemstone beloved by those born in March. Here are my top ten royal aquamarine jewels -- add your list in the comments below!

10. Alexandra Feodorovna's Aquamarine Brooch

An engagement present from Nicholas II of Russia to his future wife, Alix of Hesse, this lovely brooch features a large Siberian aquamarine. He purchased the piece in St. Petersburg at Fabergé and presented it to Alix in August 1894. Today, it's in the collection at Wartski's in London.

9. Queen Fabiola's Aquamarines

The late Belgian queen frequently wore a number of pieces of aquamarine jewelry at gala events, including a pair of delicate drop earrings, a pendant, and the aquamarine-studded version of her wedding gift tiara.

8. The Dutch Aquamarine Parure

It's hard to think of a better word than "fun" for the exuberant suite of aquamarines owned by the Dutch royals, from the sparkling briolettes of the tiara to the gorgeous aquamarine pendant often worn suspended from a brooch.

7. The Countess of Wessex's Aquamarine Tiara

We looked earlier this year at the numerous aquamarine pieces worn by the Countess of Wessex; my favorite is the diamond and aquamarine tiara lent to her by her mother-in-law, Queen Elizabeth II.

6. The Swedish Aquamarine Kokoshnik

This gorgeous aquamarine kokoshnik, which also has a matching brooch, is often worn by the king's sisters, Margaretha and Christina; it was also worn by their mother, Princess Sibylla.

5. Crown Princess Mary's Aquamarine Girandole Earrings

The future Danish queen owns a number of aquamarine pieces, including this lovely pair of girandole earrings, which pair well with both white-tie glitter and more subdued gala dress.

4. The Luxembourg Aquamarine Parure

The grand ducal family of Luxembourg keeps this set of aquamarine jewels, which also includes a fabulous Art Deco-style aquamarine bandeau, in their palace vault.

3. The Queen Mother's Aquamarine Brooch

Worn today by Queen Elizabeth II, this lovely diamond and aquamarine brooch is probably a set of double clips. The Queen Mother began wearing it in the 1930s.

2. The Brazilian Aquamarine Parure

In terms of sheer aquamarine brightness and power, it's tough to outclass Queen Elizabeth II's suite of aquamarine jewelry, given to her at various times during her reign by the people of Brazil.

1. Queen Ena's Aquamarines

Worn most recently in public by Princess Sibilla of Luxembourg, these astonishing aquamarine jewels were originally owned by Queen Ena of Spain, Sibilla's great-grandmother. The tiara has since been remade, but the briolette aquamarine drops are as sparkling as ever.