03 March 2015

State Visit Jewels: State Banquet in Spain

There are state visits galore on the docket this week. In Spain, King Felipe and Queen Letizia have welcomed the President and First Lady of Colombia to Madrid this week.

For the welcome ceremony, Letizia wore her diamond earrings with a pearl pendant drop.

Colombia's first lady, Maria Clemencia Rodriguez de Santos, wore a golden necklace in the shape of a dove, plus a pair of trendy pearl earrings, with a larger pearl secured to the back of a smaller pearl stud.

At the state banquet yesterday evening, there were few surprises on display. Letizia wore the diamond floral tiara, a piece that dates to the reign of Alfonso XII. It's the same tiara she has worn regularly at white-tie events since her husband became king.

She's also wearing her diamond wedding earrings and the fleur-de-lis brooch, which some have speculated is a part of an unseen Ansorena tiara.

Letizia also wore a brand-new chivalric order: the Order of Boyaca, which she received during this visit. Felipe's also wearing collar and star of the same Colombian order, plus the Order of the Golden Fleece around his neck.

The first lady also wore a lovely pair of earrings -- they look to be diamond in the Art Deco style -- and the Order of Isabella the Catholic.