This Week in Royal Jewels: February 13-19

February 13-19, 2015

Brooches and earrings galore this week! Be sure to vote for your favorite pieces in the weekly poll!

10. The Duchess of Cambridge appeared yet again in a pair of earrings that has become a major favorite: her sapphire and diamond earrings, which coordinate especially well with her engagement ring.

9. For a reception commemorating the anniversary of the Diabetes UK charity on Tuesday, Queen Elizabeth II went with her standard pearl earrings and three-stranded pearl necklace.

8. On Wednesday, Queen Letizia added a pop of color to her black-and-white ensemble with a pair of drop earrings with a red stone -- possibly a ruby?

7. While attending the Royal Artillery Gold Cup on Friday, the Duchess of Cornwall wore the cap badge of The Rifles as a pin on her jacket. Camilla is the Royal Colonel of the 4th Battalion.

6. On Tuesday, Camilla wore her turtle brooch to an exhibit at the Fan Museum.

5. For a visit to the Veenkoloniaal Museum on Tuesday, Queen Maxima wore an unusual pair of pendant earrings featuring diamonds with an orange-colored drop.

4. Queen Letizia chose an exuberant pair of drop earrings to view a Picasso exhibit on Thursday.

3. For her visit to Canada House in London on Thursday, Queen Elizabeth II paired her daytime pearls with the paisley-shaped Diamond Palm Leaf Brooch, a piece she inherited from her mother.

2. Queen Maxima went big on Friday with a pair of spider brooches made by Celedonio, a firm from her native Argentina.

1. I couldn't give the number one spot this week to anyone but Camilla, who wore a new set of ruby and diamond jewels with aplomb. The British papers have reportedly pegged the set as a "personal gift" to the duchess; you can see more photos in our post from earlier this week!