The Connaught Sapphire Brooch

To mark Crown Princess Mary's birthday in 2014, I did an extensive post on the history of the Connaught Sapphire Brooch, a major royal heirloom that Mary received from her mother-in-law after the birth of the heir to the throne, Prince Christian. I won't retread the entire history of the piece here -- you can visit the earlier post to learn about its chain of ownership, which begins with the Duchess of Connaught in 1879 -- but I thought I'd offer an updated selection of photos of our Magpie of the Month wearing the piece. Enjoy!

21 Jan 2006: Mary wears the brooch for the first time in public at Prince Christian's christening

A closer look at the brooch (and the baby prince) from the christening

18 May 2009: Welcoming the Greek president for a state visit

14 Apr 2011: The brooch gets a second baptismal outing at the christening of twins Vincent and Josephine

A closer view from the christening

6 Jan 2014: Diplomatic New Year's Reception

May 2014: Portrait to celebrate tenth wedding anniversary 

During an interview for a royal jewel documentary, Mary described the brooch's connection to royal history: "Some people learn history through wars or famous people, but jewelry is just as good a possibility to learn history. It shows how the families have married through the generations. And it doesn't only talk about lineage, but it also relates to personal events in families." I could not agree more!