03 January 2015

Saturday Sparkler: The Miller Fringe Tiara

The Greek royal family may not have a country to rule anymore, but they still have an impressive jewel collection. However, this diamond fringe tiara is a new addition to the Greek vaults, courtesy one of the newer additions to the family, Crown Princess Marie-Chantal.

For years, there have been rumors that this tiara was a gift from Marie-Chantal’s wealthy family, the Millers. Her father, Robert Warren Miller, is one of the co-founders of the Duty Free Shops, those great purveyors of perfume, booze, and giant Toblerones, so there’s certainly enough money in the Miller coffers for a tiara or two.

Marie-Chantal is the only person who has been photographed wearing this tiara, so most have guessed that the tiara was a gift earmarked specifically for her; however, others (including the writer Vincent Meylan) have suggested that the tiara was actually purchased at auction for Pavlos and Marie-Chantal’s only daughter, Princess Maria-Olympia, by her grandmother, Chantal Miller. Meylan has noted that the gift was bestowed on the baby princess as a christening gift.

If that’s the case, Marie-Chantal is really just warming up this lovely fringe tiara for her eighteen-year-old daughter. As it's tradition in Scandinavian monarchies for princesses to receive tiaras for their eighteenth birthdays -- and Maria-Olympia is the granddaughter of a Danish princess and the great-niece of the reigning Danish queen -- perhaps we’ll get to see it on Maria-Olympia herself in the near future?