21 January 2015

Gala Jewels: Queen Mathilde of the Belgians (Part Two)

Time for the second part of our look at the gala jewels worn by Queen Mathilde of the Belgians!

November 2008: Birthday Celebrations for the Prince of Wales

November 2008: Belgian Gala in Indonesia

April 2009: King Baudouin Foundation Gala

September 2009: King Baudouin Foundation Gala

March 2010: Fashion Show in Mumbai

June 2010: Swedish Pre-Wedding Gala

June 2010: Swedish Royal Wedding

April 2011: British Pre-Wedding Gala Dinner

May 2011: King Baudouin Foundation Gala

May 2011: Maxima of the Netherlands's Birthday Gala

July 2011: Monegasque Princely Wedding Reception

April 2012: European Business Summit Gala

October 2012: Luxembourg Pre-Wedding Dinner

April 2013: Dutch Pre-Inauguration Gala

April 2013: Dutch Inauguration Reception

March 2014: Chinese State Banquet