12 December 2014

This Week in Royal Jewels: December 5-11

December 5-11, 2014

Galas, galas, and more galas this week! Enjoy!

10. Kate's new emerald demi-parure wasn't the only surprise at the Metropolitan Museum of Art gala -- Princess Eugenie, who lives in New York, dropped by the party wearing a pair of gold earrings with her gown.

9. Kate brought a few more surprise pairs of earrings with her to the US. This pair, crocodile earrings by Patrick Mavros, were worn at the Nets/Cavs game on Monday.

8. The other pair of Kate's new earrings, silver statement pieces worn on Sunday evening for a private fundraising dinner, have not yet been identified.

7. Queen Silvia wore a pearl necklace that belonged to her late mother-in-law, Princess Sibylla, at the "A Heart for Children" gala in Berlin on Saturday.

6. The Duchess of Cornwall wore her pair of dragonfly brooches with diamond and pearl earrings for a visit to the Jubilee Centre on Wednesday.

5. During the Nobel Peace Prize celebrations in Oslo, Queen Sonja of Norway donned the green amber and silver necklace given to her by the Polish president in 2012.

4. Camilla also attended the annual Sun Military Awards on Wednesday, and she brought along a show-stopping jewel: a diamond pendant necklace with an enormous square sapphire, plus coordinating diamond and sapphire earrings.

3. Queen Maxima of the Netherlands wore an elaborate necklace with blue gemstones from her own jewelry collection, debuted around this time last year, at a gala for the 75th birthday of Pieter van Vollenhoven, Princess Margriet's husband.

2. At the same gala, Princess Margriet wore a lovely necklace -- amethysts and topazes, perhaps?

1. We've talked about the glamorous jewels worn by the Swedish royal ladies at the Nobels on Wednesday already; on Thursday, they all attended the King's Dinner, a second gala event for the Nobel winners. Queen Silvia wore the Connaught tiara, but the rest of the ladies -- Victoria, Madeleine, and Christina -- wore the same tiaras they'd worn the previous evening.

Victoria did add the necklace made from Josephine of Leuchtenberg's diamond stomacher. And there's something suspiciously sparkly in Sofia Hellqvist's hair, too...