13 December 2014

Holiday Wishlists 2014: Kate Spade

Holiday Wishlist: Kate Spade

If the Duchess of Cambridge were an American princess, I have no doubt that we'd be seeing her in pieces from Kate Spade, a retailer that features fun twists on classic shapes and designs for the young and the young at heart. While they're perhaps best known for their handbags, the company also makes jewelry. Here are five of my favorite pieces currently for sale...

Love the modern fringe necklaces worn by the Swedish royal ladies? The Meteor Shower Statement Necklace is an equally fun take on the classic fringe design. ($498)

The company's collections are always stocked with simple bangle bracelets featuring cheeky secret messages -- the enamel and gold-plated Heart of Gold Idiom Bangle is a reminder to be beautiful both inside and out. ($32)

The Small Square Stud Earrings come in nine different colors, but because they're costume, you can afford to own as many pairs as you like. The navy blue pair, with their luminous sapphire hue, are really speaking to me. ($38)

'Tis the season to wear a watch with a band so glittery and so sparkly that you won't be able to stop staring at your own wrist! Even better, the Pave Interchangeable Strap Metro Watch also comes with a navy band for slightly less effervescent occasions. ($225)

If you're a loveable four-eyes like me, you might want to honor your nearsightedness with the Goreski Glasses Ring -- it's almost too cute. ($48)

Are any of Kate Spade's jewelry pieces calling your name this holiday season?

Disclaimer: I was not compensated for writing this post in any way, and Kate Spade did not sponsor it. The opinions expressed here are solely mine.