20 December 2014

Holiday Wishlists 2014: Garrard

Holiday Wishlist: Garrard

When you think of British royal jewelry, one name immediately comes to mind: Garrard. In business since the eighteenth century, the firm has made jewels for generations of the British royal family, from Prince Albert and Queen Victoria to the present Queen. The company is still designing and making jewelry, and here are five of my favorite pieces from their current collections...

The white gold and diamond Tudor Rose Earrings feature delicate versions of the classic English royal symbol, but with diamond drops for added effect. (Price on request)

The Wings Classic Cuff, made of diamonds set in rose gold, folds delicately around the wearer's wrist. (Price on request)

You'll never be able to own Queen Mary's lover's knot tiara, but you could (theoretically) own the gorgeous Entanglement Pendant, which is inspired by the tiara's design. (Price on request)

Part of the company's high jewelry line, this Emerald and Diamond Bracelet pairs diamonds with emeralds sourced from Colombia and Zambia. (Price on request)

The Diamond Fringe Necklace/Tiara is a truly regal piece from the high jewelry line. The white gold and diamond necklace can be adjusted by hand to be worn as a diadem. (Price on request)

Which pieces from the current Garrard brochure are your favorites?

Disclaimer: I was not compensated for writing this post in any way, and Garrard did not sponsor it. The opinions expressed here are solely mine.