07 December 2014

Gala Jewels: Queen Fabiola of Belgium

I collected so many great pictures of the late Queen Fabiola of Belgium that didn't fit into yesterday's post, but I knew you'd all like to sigh over the jewels and Fabiola's general elegance, so today, we're looking at her gala appearances over the years. Thank you, Your Maj, for providing us with so much glitter!

1960: With King Baudouin at the reception held the night before their wedding

1960: Wearing Balenciaga and the Nine Provinces Tiara at her wedding in Brussels

1961: At the theater in Brussels

1962: Silver wedding celebrations for Queen Juliana and Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands

1963: Reception at the Belgian Embassy during a state visit to Britain

1963: With the Windsors at Covent Garden during the British state visit

1964: With the Pahlavis during a state visit to Iran

1966: Exercising the privil├Ęge du blanc while meeting with Pope Paul VI at the Vatican

1966: With the British royals during their state visit to Belgium

1969: With Rainier and Grace of Monaco in Brussels

1969: With President Mobutu during his state visit

1970: Visiting the Congo

1971: On a visit to India

1976: King Baudouin's Silver Jubilee

1978: Reception in Brussels

1983: During French President Mitterand's visit to Brussels

1984: At the wedding of Princess Astrid and Prince Lorenz

1988: Gala event (details not listed)

1992: State visit to France

1997: Golden wedding of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip of the United Kingdom

1999: Wedding of King Philippe and Queen Mathilde

2001: State visit from Sweden

2003: Wedding of Prince Laurent and Princess Claire

2003: State visit from Norway

2004: State visit from Finland

2004: Wedding of King Felipe and Queen Letizia of Spain

2004: State visit from Poland

2005: Reception in Brussels

2006: With Mathilde and Maxima during the Dutch state visit

2006: Silver wedding of Grand Duke Henri and Grand Duchess Maria Teresa of Luxembourg

2007: State visit from Luxembourg

2008: Celebrating her 80th birthday

2011: At the wedding of Queen Mathilde's sister, Helene

2012: With Simeon of Bulgaria at the pre-wedding dinner for Hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume of Luxembourg

2013: Inauguration of her nephew, King Philippe