23 December 2014

Birthday Jewels: Queen Silvia of Sweden

Happy birthday to Queen Silvia of Sweden! Silvia, who turns 71 today, is the longest-serving Swedish queen, so she has had more than a few opportunity to wear pieces from the family's immense collection of royal jewels. To celebrate her birthday, let's look at some of her most glittering appearances during her tenure as the country's queen.

Cameos at her wedding (June 1976)

The grand Braganza tiara and pink topazes for her first formal portrait (1976)

Jewels from Queen Sofia at her first Nobel Prize ceremony (December 1976)

Leuchtenberg sapphires at the '78 Nobels (December 1978)

Wearing Queen Sofia's tiara during the Mexican state visit (May 1980)

The sapphires at Versailles (June 1980)

Sapphires at the '82 Nobels (December 1982)

Silver wedding of Margrethe and Henrik of Denmark (June 1992)

Diamonds at the '94 Nobels (December 1994)

Wearing the Edward VII Ruby Tiara at the wedding of Prince Joachim of Denmark (November 1995)

The Connaught with the pink topazes for King Carl XVI Gustaf's 50th birthday (April 1996)

Cameos at the '96 Nobels (December 1996)

Cut steel and diamonds for the 60th birthday of King Harald of Norway (June 1997)

Cameos for the '98 Nobels (December 1998)

Gala held before the wedding of Alexia of Greece and Denmark (July 1999)

Connaught and topazes for the 60th birthday of Queen Margrethe of Denmark (April 2000)

Diamonds for the '00 Nobels (December 2000)

Twenty-fifth wedding anniversary celebrations (June 2001)

Wedding of Crown Prince Haakon of Norway (August 2001)

Bejeweled hair at the '01 Nobels (December 2001)

Emeralds for the 90th birthday of Otto von Habsburg (November 2002)

Diamonds at the '02 Nobels (December 2002)

Glittering in pink at the '03 Nobels (December 2003)

Diamonds for the state visit to Brunei (February 2004)

Processional Jewels for Count Lennart Bernadotte's birthday (May 2004)

Wedding of Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark (May 2004)

Sapphires for the '04 Nobels (December 2004)

Connaught and pearls at a gala for the Norwegian royals (September 2005)

Modern Fringe for the state visit to Australia (November 2005)

King Carl XVI Gustaf's 60th birthday celebrations (April 2006)

Silver wedding of Henri and Maria Teresa of Luxembourg (June 2006)

Japanese state visit gala (March 2007)

State visit to Denmark (May 2007)

King's Dinner during the '07 Nobels (December 2007)

Crown Princess Victoria's wedding (June 2010)

Wedding of Prince Albert II of Monaco (July 2011)

Sapphires at the '12 Nobels (December 2012)

Princess Madeleine's wedding (June 2013)

Diamonds at the '13 Nobels (December 2013)

Sapphires at the '14 Nobels (December 2014)