19 November 2014

Monaco's National Day Gala Jewels

Today is Monaco's National Day, celebrated annually on the anniversary of Prince Rainier III's and Prince Albert II's coronations in 1949 and 2005. The festivities include a fireworks show, a mass, and a gala at the opera in Monte Carlo. The Grimaldi women usually bring out some of their best jewels for the opera gala. As we wait to see what the family wears this evening -- and whether Princess Charlene, pregnant with twins, attends the gala -- let's look back at the jewels worn at the opera over the past fifteen years.

Princess Caroline, Prince Ernst-August of Hanover, and Princess Antoinette, 2000

Prince Albert, Prince Rainier, Princess Caroline, and Prince Ernst-August, 2001

Prince Ernst-August and Princess Caroline (wearing her sash on the wrong shoulder?), 2002

Princess Caroline, 2003

Princess Caroline, 2004

Albert II's Coronation Gala (Andrea Casiraghi, Princess Caroline, Prince Albert, Prince Ernst-August, Charlotte Casiraghi), 2005

Prince Albert and Princess Caroline, 2006

Pierre Casiraghi, Princess Stephanie, and Prince Albert, 2007

Charlotte Casiraghi, Prince Ernst-August, Princess Caroline, Prince Albert, Elisabeth-Anne de Massy (daughter of Princess Antoinette), Andrea Casiraghi, and Pierre Casiraghi, 2008

Princess Caroline and Prince Albert, 2008

Princess Caroline and Prince Albert, 2009

Charlene Wittstock, Princess Caroline, and Prince Albert, 2010

Princess Caroline, 2010

Princess Charlene, Prince Albert, and Princess Caroline, 2011

Pierre Casiraghi, Prince Albert, Princess Charlene, Princess Caroline, and Andrea Casiraghi, 2012

Princess Charlene and Prince Albert, 2012