15 October 2014

Royal Bonus: The Best of Fergie Hair

While compiling today's birthday jewel post for Sarah, Duchess of York, I spent a lot of time marveling at the photographs taken of her amazing '80s hairstyles. I just had to share, of course. Enjoy!

(Also: I may have named each hairdo. I'm so sorry in advance...)

January 1987
("Fisherman's Delight")

March 1987
("When You Wish Upon a Sausage Curl")

March 1987
("Honey, Have You Seen My Bracelet?")

June 1987
("Ouch. OUCH.")

July 1987
("Clearly Canadian")

July 1987
("Here a Bow, There a Bow")

February 1988
("British Sense of Humour")

February 1988
("Caribbean Dream")

February 1988

March 1988
("The Special Relationship") 

Man, royal watching used to be SO much wackier...