15 October 2014

Birthday Jewels: Sarah, Duchess of York

Today, Sarah Ferguson, the erstwhile Duchess of York, celebrates her 55th birthday. According to the press, she has reconciled sufficiently with the royals to celebrate with a big bash at Windsor Castle. In the meantime, let's have a look back at the wild and wonderful world that was Fergie in major jewels during her decade with the Windsors!

Engagement ring, 1986

Covent Garden, 1986

Party with the Greek Royals, 1986

Royal Wedding, 1986

Ballet in Bath, 1987

State Visit from Saudi Arabia, 1987

Visit to Bordeaux, 1987

Tour of Canada, 1987

Tour of Canada, 1987

Charity Dinner, 1987

Visit to Mauritius, 1987

Tour of Australia, 1988

Visit to Prince Edward Island, 1989

Portrait, 1990

Film Premiere, 1990

Visit to Australia, 1990

Visit to Australia, 1990

Party, 1993

Charity Ball, 1995