04 August 2014

Red Cross Gala Jewels

The annual Gala de la Croix-Rouge is one of the biggest social events of the year in Monaco. This year, Prince Albert and Princess Charlene represented the princely family at the gala, and Charlene gave us a bit of glitter to gawk at.

Charlene chose diamonds to accessorize her dark blue Dior gown, including a pair of diamond earrings. I've seen speculation that the jewels were made by Van Cleef and Arpels, but I've not heard confirmation of that. Update: Thanks to The Royal Couturier on Twitter for giving me a bit of extra info -- the earrings are Graff, like the headband, not VC&A!

She also followed in the footsteps of Queen Letizia of Spain, nestling a diamond headband into her hair. The piece was reportedly made by Graff. Maybe we've got a new headband trend on our hands?

And here you can see that she also added a diamond bracelet to her right wrist.

This year's gala was also one of most prominent appearances that Charlene has made since announcing her pregnancy. She's due to give birth at the end of the year.

The Grimaldis weren't the only royals at the gala this year. Their close friends, Prince Carlos and Princess Camilla of Bourbon-Two Sicilies, were also in attendance. Carlos and Camilla, who use the titles of Duke and Duchess of Castro are members of the royal family that used to rule part of Italy. They're related to most of the reigning royals who practice Catholicism, and they're also good friends with the Danish royals.

Camilla even sat beside Prince Albert during dinner. She chose gold jewelry, which coordinated with the golden sleeve embellishment on her white gown. Her rather interesting necklace features a large golden butterfly.

And here's a fuller look at that gown, plus what I think is a butterfly ring on her left hand. God love Camilla -- she always brings a little Vegas sparkle to the royal events she attends!