23 June 2014

Royal Ascot Jewels (Day 3)

No need to hide, ladies -- it's your day at the races! Let's survey the jewels (and, of course, the hats) worn by the Windsors at Ladies' Day at Royal Ascot -- enjoy!

Lovely in a saturated turquoise color, HM brought out a rather intriguing brooch for Ladies' Day: it's a diamond and aquamarine brooch from the collection of the late Queen Mother. You'll remember during our discussion of the D-Day commemoration that the Queen Mother felt that dressing up when she visited war-ravaged Britain showed that she valued and respected the people she met. This is the very brooch she wore on one of her visits to the bombed sections of the East End during the Blitz.

Sophie's been keeping up her neutral color palette at this year's Ascot, which should be boring me, but I can't help but think it's just really chic instead. The brooch is silver-toned, and it features stylized black strawberries. (PS: Ladies' Day was Sophie's fifteenth wedding anniversary -- check out our Royal Jewel Rewind post here!)

She may be wearing a hot pink bucket on her head, but as Anne's outfit does not appear to be two decades old, I'll give it a pass. The pearl choker is, I believe, the same one she wore fifteen years ago at Prince Edward's wedding. I'm really intrigued by the brooch -- I've seen speculation that this is a ruby piece that might have been a gift from a Middle Eastern monarch.

The elder Yorkie, Princess Bea, wore an orange peel on top of her head for the day. Unfortunately, there's no discernible jewelry to be seen here, not even an earring. And I think this needs earrings, too.

Eugenie appears to have just said no to jewelry, too. That's really unfortunate, because this sad hat and straitjacket could really have used an embellishment or two.

This time, instead of a Sunflowers tribute, Princess Haya went for My Fair Lady. MUCH better, and the choice of small sparkly studs that don't draw attention away from that remarkably dramatic hat was a good one.

More Royal Ascot jewels headed your way later today -- be sure to check back as we wrap up the races!