26 June 2014

Queen Letizia's Gala Jewels (Part Two)

Time for our second look at the jewels that Spain's Queen Letizia has worn at gala events during her years as a royal. Earlier, we marveled at the glittering pieces she wore from 2004-2009, and in this post, we're looking at the jewels she's donned from 2010 until the present. Enjoy the post, and then let us know in the comments which piece of Letizia's jewelry you'd like to have in your own collection!

18 June 2010: Swedish Pre-Wedding Gala

At the concert held in Stockholm the night before Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden's wedding, Letizia chose two frequently worn pieces: diamond hoop earrings and her Cartier diamond bracelet, which she often wears almost like a cuff.

19 June 2010: Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden's Wedding

For Crown Princess Victoria's wedding, which was held the following afternoon, Letizia borrowed Queen Sofia's diamond floral tiara. She also wore her own diamond wedding earrings, the Cartier bracelet, and the sash and star of the Order of Charles III. She used her Ansorena fleur-de-lis brooch to secure the sash at her waist.

25 August 2010: Prince Nikolaos of Greece and Denmark's Wedding

When Prince Felipe's cousin, Prince Nikolaos of Greece and Denmark, married in Greece in 2010, Letizia wore one of her pairs of diamond chandelier earrings, plus her Cartier bracelet.

7 March 2011: State Visit from Chile

Letizia wore the Prussian tiara atop a rather elaborate hairstyle for a state visit from the president of Chile. She chose earrings that did not compete with her 'do, selecting small diamond studs. She's also wearing the bright blue sash of the Chilean Order of Merit -- but unfortunately, rather than using her diamond fleur-de-lis brooch to secure the sash, she chose a plain safety pin instead (something she does with alarming frequency at gala events).

30 March 2011: Gala Dinner for the British Royals

Letizia and Felipe next welcomed their British counterparts, the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall, to Spain for a gala dinner. Unfortunately, she couldn't quite compete with the glittering duchess; Letizia wore only her diamond stud earrings, her Cartier bracelet, and her rings, including her Bulgari Parentesi ring.

11 April 2011: Israeli Gala Dinner

At a gala dinner in Jerusalem, part of an official visit to Israel, Letizia wore a pair of delicate double hoop earrings.

25 April 2011: Dinner for the Emir of Qatar

Diamond stud earrings only for a gala dinner in honor of the Emir of Qatar.

28 April 2011: British Pre-Wedding Dinner

Letizia was quickly reunited with the Brits when she, Felipe, and Queen Sofia traveled to London for Prince William's wedding. At the pre-wedding dinner at the Mandarin Hotel, she wore her diamond wedding earrings and her Cartier bracelet with her gown.

29 April 2011: Prince William of Wales's Wedding

For Prince William's wedding on the following morning (which means that hats, not tiaras, were worn), Letizia wore her trusty diamond stud earrings.

7 November 2011: Chamber of Commerce Gala

Felipe and Letizia returned to London for a gala dinner for the Spanish Chamber of Commerce, where Letizia wore her diamond and platinum wedding earrings.

25 January 2012: Dinner for the President of Peru

The Spanish royals welcomed the president of Peru for a dinner, where Letizia wore her diamond, white gold, and pearl earrings, plus a lovely necklace made of multi-colored pearls.

31 May 2012: Portuguese Gala Dinner

During a Spanish royal visit to Portugal, Letizia wore her wedding earrings to a gala dinner.

20 October 2012: Hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume of Luxembourg's Wedding

Letizia switched up her stud earrings at the royal wedding in Luxembourg, swapping out her usual diamond pair for this pair, which appear to be made of either silver or white gold.

26 October 2012: Prince of Asturias Awards

The silver-toned stud earrings made a second appearance in a week's time at the Prince of Asturias awards.

29 May 2013: Dinner for the President of Uruguay

At a dinner for the president of Uruguay, Letizia wore a pair of white gold and diamond earrings made by Yanes.

29 April 2013: Queen Beatrix's Pre-Abdication Dinner

Letizia borrowed Queen Sofia's diamond floral tiara for a dinner hosted by Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands on the night before her abdication from the throne; she also added her diamond wedding earrings to the ensemble.

30 April 2011: Investiture of King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands

At the investiture the following day of the new Dutch king, Willem-Alexander, Letizia again wore her diamond wedding earrings, plus the sash and star of the Order of Charles III.

12 June 2013: Gala Dinner for the Crown Prince of Japan

Letizia continued to pare down her jewelry further and further in 2013. She wore only her diamond wedding earrings at a gala dinner for Crown Prince Naruhito of Japan, where she also recycled her dress from the Swedish royal wedding.

25 October 2013: Prince of Asturias Awards

At last year's Prince of Asturias Awards -- which would turn out to be Letizia's last one as Princess of Asturias -- she wore a new pair of earrings. These appear to be Bulgari's Allegra earrings, which feature semi-precious stones (peridot, citrine, blue topaz, and garnet) and diamonds set in white gold.

9 June 2014: State Visit from Mexico

For her final gala appearance as Princess of Asturias, Letizia wore the diamond floral tiara and her wedding earrings. As the event was a state banquet for the president of Mexico, she also wore the sash and star of her Mexican order, the Order of the Aztec Eagle. Beside her, her mother-in-law is pictured wearing three of the "joyas de pasar" -- the fleur-de-lys tiara, the diamond earrings, and the diamond collet necklace -- which are reserved for the use of the Queen of Spain. Along with the jewels Letizia has worn over the past ten years, these pieces are now available for her to wear, too.