27 March 2014

Dutch State Visit Jewels

Dutch state visit from President Prado of Peru, March 1960 [1]
It's March, which means that state visit season is officially in full swing. The Swedes are visiting the Latvian president today, the Danes have recently had the Turks over, and the Dutch and Belgians have been hosting various leaders ahead of and in conjunction with the G8 conference. 

Queen Maxima at a state banquet during the Chinese state visit, March 2014

State visits are important political and diplomatic events, but they also provide us with an excellent opportunity to delight in a bit of royal glitter, as there is usually at least one white-tie event on the docket. Today, I've collected a group of photographs from Dutch state visits over the past few years. Marvel at the glamour of Queens Juliana, Beatrix, and Maxima, and consider this: if you could choose any jewels from the Dutch royal collection to wear (or look at) during a state visit, which set would you select?

Queen Juliana makes a visit to Britain, November 1950

Queen Juliana and Princess Beatrix welcome the Belgian royals, May 1960

Queen Juliana and Prince Bernhard visit Ethiopia, January 1969

Queen Juliana and the Queen Mother during the Dutch visit to Britain, April 1972

A passel of royals during the Dutch visit to Britain, April 1972

Beatrix and Juliana host Juan Carlos and Sofia of Spain, March 1980

Queens Beatrix and Elizabeth II during the Dutch visit to Britain, November 1982

Beatrix visits Britain, May 1995

A toast during the Chilean visit to the Netherlands, May 2009

Queen Beatrix and Princess Maxima visit Germany, April 2011

Queen Beatrix during the Dutch visit to Luxembourg, March 2012

Queen Beatrix hosts the President of Turkey, April 2012

1. Cropped version of an image available via Wikimedia Commons; source here.