21 February 2014

This Week in Royal Jewels: February 14-20

February 14-20, 2014

Time once again to take a gander at ten of the most exciting stories about royal jewels from the past week!

10. Both the Dutch and Danish royal families are on ski holidays this week. Crown Princess Mary of Denmark ably demonstrated that it's possible to corral four children and one crown prince on the slopes while still wearing a shiny pair of earrings.

9. Hello! revealed this week that a pendant necklace worn by the Duchess of Cambridge was made for her by Merci Maman, a company that specializes in jewelry for mothers. The necklace features three charms: a "W" for William, a charm in the shape of a small child, and a disc engraved with Prince George's name.

8. An upcoming visit from King Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Silvia of Sweden to the Netherlands has been announced. The royal couple will visit the Dutch royals on April 4 and 5 -- get excited to see two of the most jewel-savvy queens together!

7. Princess Caroline of Monaco chose monochromatic jewelry for a charity dinner held in Genoa, Italy, on Valentine's Day.

6. Members of the Belgian royal family attended a mass on Tuesday in honor of deceased family members, and one royal lady sported a jewel surprise. Princess Margaretha of Liechtenstein (whose mother, Grand Duchess Josephine-Charlotte of Luxembourg, was born a Belgian princess) wore a pair of modern earrings that had been previously worn by her aunt, Queen Fabiola of Belgium. Looks like Queen Mathilde is not the only royal who has been given jewel gifts from Fabiola's collection!

5. At a reception where she revealed that she keeps her BAFTA award on top of her television, Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom wore pearls and the gorgeous sapphire and diamond brooch designed for Queen Victoria by Prince Albert.

4. King Philippe and Queen Mathilde of the Belgians were in Rome this week for a meeting with the Italian president; Mathilde chose simple, elegant pearl earrings to compliment her dove gray coat and hat. She wore equally simple jewelry for a visit to Germany earlier in the week.

3. For an event supporting the Art Room, the Duchess of Cambridge chose modern jewels, including Kiki McDonough earrings, a Mappin & Webb pendant necklace, and a new Cartier watch.

2. The royal who easily wins the "most bejeweled of the week" award is none other than the Prince of Wales! Charles dressed in a traditional thobe and participated in a sword dance during a visit to Saudi Arabia; befitting a prince, the hilt and sheath of the sword he wielded were plated in gold.

1. Although clear photographs of the engagement ring are sadly lacking, Prince Amedeo of Belgium and his new fiancee, Lili Rosboch von Wolkenstein, posed for official portraits on Sunday. No wedding date yet, though apparently it's being planned for later this year. Here's hoping we see Lili in a tiara on the big day!